How to care for yourself emotionally

How to care for yourself emotionally

Self-care is more than just reading a book or taking a nap. It covers our emotional health as well.

When I am not feeling like my happiest self, I practise these emotional self-care activities to gain some insight into my mind.

1. Be more expressive

Easier said than done, right?

But I feel it really helps pour my heart out. In fact, every night before sleeping, I have a habit of letting my husband know everything that happened with me throughout the day and how it made me feel.

Before I got married, it was my best friend with whom I'd have a heart-to-heart and my father has been my buddy forever.

Another advice? Never ever sleep on a fight. Always resolve things before ending your day.

2. Be self-serving, not selfish!

If you're looking away from the screen and muttering-"No! Both are one and the same", stop. Remember that putting yourself before others in several situations can simply rejuvenate you.

So, if that means saying "No" to certain situations, don't feel guilty.

If you're not happy, others around you won't be happy either.

Also, neglecting your needs and desires is only setting yourself up for future emotional breakdowns.

So, help yourself to that cookie if it makes you feel giddy. Or take that solo trip because you've always wanted to find your true self.

3. Stop over-explaining yourself to others

In my opinion, doing so is a waste of time.

Providing justifications to a question that only requires a "Yes" or "No" answer is the root problem of fragile emotional health.

For example, if someone asks-"Did you have breakfast yet?" And you launch into the history of why you didn't have breakfast instead of a simple 'No'? That's over-explaining. Let's stop doing that from this point forward, shall we?

4. Save that "Sorry!"

'Sorry' is a sacred word and should be kept safe for moments in which you are truly and utterly apologetic.

Otherwise, if you say 'sorry' for the slightest inconvenience, people will start taking advantage of you, thinking that you'll always blame yourself and not them for all the wrongs in a situation.

Take credit when it's due and bow down in regret when it's not.

But yes, make sure you don't confuse 'not accepting your mistake' with 'ego'. Because ego will always stop your growth.

5. Ask for help!

Imagine this: you're flooded with work. Or, you can't manage cooking on your own. Or worse, you cannot decide what to wear!

Well? Take help of someone you know and love.

It all circles back to reaching out to someone you trust.

If you never ask somebody to lend their shoulder, you'll get burnout and that's NEVER good for your emotional health.

Our emotions are ever-changing. One minute, we're happy. And in the next minute, we're frustrated by our mistakes.

Regardless, I hope this blog serves as a faithful guide for when your emotions are not letting you think or act rationally.

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