Five Instagram Posts By Gulaal And The Interesting Stories Behind Them

Five Instagram Posts By Gulaal And The Interesting Stories Behind Them

At Gulaal, we aspire to leave an unforgettable impression on the digital world by using our pictures.

We feel that the pictures we upload daily on social media platforms allow us to tell the stories behind our apparel and accessories. With these thoughts in mind since last week, we HAD to venture to our Instagram and handpick five posts that have received tons of love from you and the rest of the Gulaal Tribe.

Let's revisit them together and de-code what makes them so noteworthy.

1. Pockets full of happiness.

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After feeling inspired by a similar trend that had been going around at that time, we decided to be incredibly straightforward with our Tribe and uploaded this Instagram post.

The message is clear – we deeply care for you. Hence, we provide deep pockets in every outfit. Whether you'd like to carry your essentials at a casual soiree or a fancy event, almost all our outfits are equipped with side-seam pockets which will never let you fret about where to stash your belongings.

2. THIS Reel.

We vividly remember shooting this Reel.

Interns Anshu and Lakshika from Team Gulaal collaborated and produced aesthetically pleasing content that showcased our new, sustainable packaging, plantable seed notes as well as cute bags (which you can receive for free after shopping above Rs. 3000, by the way)

Elements such as the soothing background music and the radiant sunlight resonated with you and this Reel went viral only after a few minutes of uploading it.

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3. Once upon a Shoot Day...

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We partnered with Tangerine (a renowned boutique salon based in Jaipur) for this shoot.The minimalistic and sober appearance of the clothing looked amazing on all the women who wore it.

For the record - we did not feature models in this shoot. We worked with women from different fields of work instead and asked them to style the outfits according to their everyday needs.

It was a fun day. The owner of Tangerine – Natasha Singh Chauhan added her unique touch to the collection. Kanika Choudhary – a game-changing baker and bona fide fashionista also participated enthusiastically

4. A Vogue-worthy picture (literally)

Our iconic Intern Duo struck gold again while conceptualizing and photographing these friendship bands.

Our team's hard work and Lady Boss Aki's idea of introducing stackable friendship bands in the first place earned us a feature in an article by Vogue India as well.

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5. From 'add to cart' to FOREVER in our hearts.

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We look back at the time when @cozyyylilcorner a.k.a Summati was simply a loyal customer. And today, we smile wide to see her become a sincere collaborator.

This is a classic example of how a professional relationship grows, evolves and develops into a beautiful friendship.

Every video that she has shot for our 'Gulaal Home' decor collection has been greatly appreciated by you all.

So while we're grateful for the praises, we're also grateful for Summati who is delightful to serve and work with.

We hope that you enjoyed reading about these five Instagram posts. Comment below if you'd like to read more such behind-the-scene stories.

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