5 'Work From Home' Outfits That Deserve A Spot In Your Wardrobe.

5 'Work From Home' Outfits That Deserve A Spot In Your Wardrobe.

We all thought 2020 was a roller coaster ride. Little did we know that 2021 would prove to be even more turbulent.

This time, the lockdown feels the same yet different somehow. Turning on the news has become scarier and making Dalgona Coffee brings us no joy anymore.

That's why we turn to dressing up in our favourite loungewear and going to work (virtually, of course). And while we do, we also want YOU to dress stylishly to uplift your mood. After all, if there's one thing that we have control over right now, it's choosing our ‘work-from-home outfits and giving them whatever spin we like.

So, here's some comfort-wear that you can wear to bed but also a Zoom meeting as well as a Zoom party!

1. Viti Night Suit

This cotton night suit radiates a chic and sporty vibe, all at the same time. So, if you’re in for a lengthy Monday meeting with your boss, you won’t regret donning this loose-fit night suit instead of the usual business attires you’ve become so used to.

2. Maple Night Suit

Imagine that you had a productive day but now it’s time to have a much-deserved catch-up session with your work bestie.

Then, this is what you show up in! The look of this women’s night suit is enhanced by the elegant hand block printed fabric and the cotton shorts sprinkle some ‘fun and fabulousness’ over the outfit.

3. Aspen Night Suit

Believe us when we say that your co-workers will be complimenting you the minute you click on the ‘join meeting’ button.

This checks nightsuit is cute but what makes it cuter is the heart weave.

These summer PJs are charmingly casual and perfect for when you and your team are busy brainstorming and ideating.

4. Mauve Kaftaan Set

Kaftaan sets will always be the rage for their unmistakably comfortable fit.

This pink Kaftaan set is dreamy for its colour, its soft fabric and the hand block printing that's done on it. The pom-pom detailing and the side-seam pockets are also two of its best features!

Wear it during and after work!

5. Dove Kaftaan Set

This Kaftaan set is famous for being exceptionally cute. One look at its print and you’ll know why the rest of the Gulaal Tribe cannot get enough of it.

Wear this Kaftaan set for days when the workload is a little less and when you have time to research but also revive!

These 5 ‘work from home’ outfits have already found a place in our heart and wardrobe. We hope that you love wearing them too!
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