5 Homegrown Brands To Support This Holi

5 Homegrown Brands To Support This Holi

Can you guess our favourite festival? It's bound to be Holi since Gulaal – both the colour and our label – are so beautifully intertwined with it.

And, while the preps for the celebrations at the Studio are in full swing, we are dedicating this week's blog to 5 homegrown businesses that are doing work worth mentioning in this festive season.

Don't forget to extend your support to these homegrown brands if you like what they are offering.

1. Phool

Blog 5 Homegrown Brands

Their origin story is as applause-worthy as the final products. They repurpose the floral waste from places of worship in India and convert it into biodegradable packaging and bio-leathers.

Their star product for Holi? Skin-safe and easily-washable Gulaal made from temple flowers!

2. Urban Platter

Their platform is inundated with plant-based recipes that you can order from anywhere within India.

But their Kesaria Thandai Syrup reigns supreme during the colourful festival. This cooling drink is made from the kind of spices and nuts that bear antioxidants as well as medicinal value.

This refreshing Thandai will also protect you from the looming heat of the summer.

Blog 5 Homegrown Brands

3. Bake With Aayushi

Blog 5 Homegrown Brands

You're going to love this one if you're from Kolkata.

This small, home-based confectionery is due for big things in the future! Especially with creative baked goods such as the Thandai Mousse Cake and the Pichkari Cake Shots on its menu!

We bet your guests will fall in love with these unique delicacies and remember them for all the festivals to come.

4. Inveda

The minute we read “Innovative Beauty Products with Unique Formulations” in their Instagram bio and found the ‘Pre & Post Holi Protection Kit' on their website, we were sold.

Because how many times have we had an intense colour-smearing session during Holi and regretted it? How many instances have there been in which our hair and skin have suffered due to Holi play? Well, not anymore.

With the help of this kit, no trace of colour will be left behind, no breakouts will be seen and your skin pH will be maintained, amongst other things.

Blog 5 Homegrown Brands

5. Tohfa - Delivered with love

Blog 5 Homegrown Brands

This entrepreneurial venture is currently dealing in ready-to-ship Holi hampers! And, what's better than surprising a guest or a loved one with bundles of aesthetically-pleasing Holi-related goodies? And, as you may have noticed, they are delivering these hampers with lots of love – exactly what we could use more of right now.

You can check out the Instagram pages of each of these homegrown brands and know more about their Holi-centric products.
If the above list is anything to go by, you'll now have organic colours to play with, a healthy Thandai to sip, some delectable foods to taste, a kit to pamper your hair and skin as well as a gorgeous festive hamper this Holi.

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