We've got some important fashion advice for men!

We've got some important fashion advice for men!

As of late, we have immersed ourselves in the world of men’s fashion. And, we have loved exploring this side and diversifying our brand offerings in the process.

So, after giving some thought to the topic of our weekly blog, we decided to center it around fashion advice and asked men about what THEY think works for everyone!

Keep in mind that this “advice” is not set in stone. You don’t have to follow it if you don’t want to. Take it at face value and see if it works for you.

Let’s begin!

1. Don’t be afraid of some colour.

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Men usually gravitate towards blacks, whites and blues but little do they know that pops of colour can elevate their entire wardrobe instantly.

Of course, less is always more, in this case. For example, owning a neon pantsuit wouldn’t be the right move in the beginning.

Instead, investing in gentle greens and mellow yellows would be a good start if you’re looking to spruce up your formal wear as well as casual wear.

2. Look after your shirts (and yourself!)

NO ONE likes a haggard appearance. So, crinkled shirts are a BIG no-no.

Hang them on wooden hangers and don’t tumble-dry as that can degrade the fabric.

Plus, a well-ironed shirt with properly folded sleeves can do wonders!

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3. Dress according to the occasion.

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Overdressing for a friend’s brunch and under-dressing for your friend’s wedding function are equally embarrassing situations.

To avoid them, think of clothes as being codes: you need the right combination for the setting you’re going to be in.

Truth be told, it boils down to self-expression and comfort while dressing up. Add the occasion to the equation and you’re all set to pick out the perfect outfit.

4. Classic shirts for the win!

Slightly-quirky print shirts with semi-formal jackets are not only perfect for beach holidays but also impromptu office meetings!

The general verdict is that you go for shirts that can sit well under a cover-up and stand out without one.

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5. If it fits, it’s a hit!

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Before you even think of the fabric and style that will suit you the most, think about whether the clothes fit you well or not.

Your pants, suits and jackets should always take a trip to the tailor’s to be adjusted. And, if you have shopped for something that needs “slight adjusting”, we recommend not buying it at all.

At Gulaal, we like to say that one should dress to impress themselves first. And, if the above tips help you achieve a sense of confidence and swagger in any way, then that makes us more than happy.


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