Made from dried flower petals, Gulaal is the traditional powdered color of celebration and festivities. Gulaal blends our undying love for colors and quality clothing to create a beautiful landscape of minimal, comfortable, and aesthetically soothing sihouettes.

Epitomizing the colorful and vibrant festival of Holi, we are a homegrown clothing brand with a whimsical touch of modernity. We are deeply rooted in the Indian tradition but are constantly evolving to keep pace with the modern Indian lifestyle choices.

Conceived in the artistic and textile hub - Jaipur. We at Gulaal give a lot of prominence to traditional craft techniques that make Indian clothing unparalleled. By including various craft nuances in our clothing like block printing, tie and due, embroidery, mirror work, ikat to name a few.



Our design phi osophg is ingrained in being intuitive about the basic needs of our customers. We pay close attention to details while handcrafting our products, adding an extra layer of soft lining, including pockets where needed.

We draw inspiration from everything around us the culture, nature, and evergdag life in the colorful and beautifully slow paced city of Jaipur Also, musings from our travel to frenzied cities abroad dipped in their multi-layered cultures, influence our designs.

Gulaal is the meeting place between the old and the new, where culture meets functionality and comfort blends with style. Welcome to Gulaal. You are now part of the gorgeous #GulaaIGang!

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