Save The Environment

Save The Environment

Oh, you made it! And, by that, we mean that you took the time and energy to scan the QR code present on your Gulaal envelope or box.

Now that you are here, we’d like to walk you through 5 creative ways to make the best use of our packaging.

Ready to save Mother Earth without making too much effort?


Our boxes are sturdy and of premium quality, so storing your favourite pair of sneakers or priced stilettos will not cause any wear or tear to them.

Gone will be the days with you roaming around a confusing mess of footwear on the floor. That’s because many of them will be safely tucked in one of our boxes.


Your envelope is like a blank slate, waiting to be filled with your every-day tasks.

Just pen down what you’d like to do during the day. Don’t worry. There’s plenty of space on our envelope for you to write!

Make it into your grocery list for a day or two, if you’d like.


Our boxes are wide enough to sow some seeds in. The most you’ll have to do is line the box with a plastic bag, poke a few drainage holes, dump some soil into it and plant whatever your heart desires.

And, just like that, you’ll develop a green thumb and even have a little green friend in a week or two.


As our envelopes were made to recycle for as long as possible, they’ll be quite handy to use as bookmarks for your magazines or novels.

Neither will you have to buy a completely new bookmark nor make one.

This is a simple and functional idea, isn’t it, Gulaal Gang?


Everyone is an artist, to some extent. No matter how much we try to deny it, we all love an empty canvas and some paint colours lying around.

And, since Gulaal stands for everything colourful and joyous, we want you to take out all of your art supplies and go to town!

Paint, draw or doodle!

Our boxes and envelopes may look straightforward but within their making lies a much more interesting intent. And, that intent is to become a sustainable brand which does not harm its environment in any way.

Thank you for shopping from Gulaal. We hope that after reading this blog, you can love our packaging as much as you love our collections.

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